Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to take care of your nails.

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Happy wednesday! I hope the weather is better where you are then where i am, because it's raining all day :-( No fun to go outside, but perfect to make another post.

Today i want to talk about taking care of your nails and hands.
I think everybody has their own way of nail care.
Honestly, i don't really believe in stuff what says it makes your nails grow faster. It's just something heritable.
I'm lucky, my mother has pretty, strong, fast growing nails and my dad too. Of course your hands and nails need caring, whether they grow fast or not.

Let's start by removing your old manicure. Use a nailpolish remover without acetone. I know this is less effective then for example pure acetone. If you do want to use acetone (when you have glitters in your mani which are an ass to remove) make sure you immediatly wash your hands and hydrate them. If your going to do a new mani don't use a handcream with oil in it. Even if you didn't have any polish on your nails, it's always good to clean your nails before applying a nailpolish. You can use alcohol 70% to do this.

When your nails are all clean it's time to file your nails. I'm not going to tell you which file is best, because that preference is different for everybody. I used to file my nails with a boomerang file (i think it was 80/100 gritt). I recently start using a glass file. I must say, when you want to file down a big piece of your nail, don't use a glass file, because it would take ages, but for shaping your nails, i think it's awesome.
Make sure when you file, you do this in one direction. If you file in a sawing motion, it's possible your nails will split.

Next you have to take care of your cuticles. To push them back it's best when they are soft. So soak your hands in a bowl with warm water and some oil, or you can just apply a cream or oil especially for the cuticles. (my favorite cuticle cream is Lemony flutter from Lush, click here to read more about this product) After a few minutes you can use a cuticle pusher and push them back. Do not cut your cuticles! They are there for a reason! They protect the nails from bacteria.

Now it's time to apply your new manicure. If your nails are a bit oily because of a handcream or oil you've used, just clean your nails with some alcohol. This is so the nailpolish sticks good to the nail. You don't want to re-do your manicure in 1 day do you? (i know some of you do that anyway LOL)
Start with a basecoat. This is to smoothen the surface and to protect your nails. Your nails can turn yellow because of the nailpolish. When you're done with polishing your nails or your nailart, seal in the design with a topcoat. I prefer a topcoat which is fast drying, such as Seche Vite.

Some other tips which will help you keep your nails beautiful:
* Don't use your nails as a tool. Don't try to open cans or soda's with your nails.
* If your nails are exposed to chemicals, moisture, water etc, it could result in split peeling or an allergic reaction. Wear rubber gloves when you're cleaning to protect your nails.
* If your nails are dry and brittle, you need more vitamin A. This vitamin can for example be found in apricots, broccolie, carrots and cheese. Also calcium is important, like milk, yoghurt and almonds.
* Before you go to sleep at night make sure to wash your hands, dry them well and apply a hand moisturizer. Give your cuticles some extra love and apply some vaseline, vitamin e oil or any other cuticle cream.
* Drink enough water. It's good for your body, but also for your nails.

I hope these tips were all helpfull.
If you have any great tips yourself, or you have found a "miracle cream" for your hands or cuticles, i would love to know, so please leave a comment below! Thanks for your time!

Take care♥

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