Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review Fashion accesoires by

Hi there!

Today i'm here with something different. This post is not nail related, but actually more fashion related. Fun too, right?
I was contacted by the website if i wanted to review some items for them. Now i have done reviews, but only nail related. When i checked out their website, it took me some day's to think if i wanted this...and would my viewers, followers be also interested in looking at this? I thought yes! is a website with replica's from many familiair big (expensive) brands. Who doesn't want a Louis Vutton purse, or Gucci sunglasses? I can hear you think, "of course i want it, but i can't afford it!" I totally agree! I can't afford it either. Maybe this website is the perfect solution. Replica's!!
They send me some items, and i must say, i'm very impressed by the quality. I couldn't find any mistakes on the items i got. They just look awesome. The prices are in my opinon fair too.
These are the items they send me.

A "Michael Kors" purse and wallet and "Gucci "sunglasses! I love them all!

To take a better look at them, and get more info you can see the video i did about these items.
You can find the items on these websites:

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, May 31, 2013


Take a dive this summer with China Glaze®,and venture into a world of sand, sun and neon.

Introducing 12 Smooth Crèmes and Juicy Jellies

Make waves this summer with the new China Glaze® Sunsational collection. This fun palette of six brighter-than-bright crèmes and six juicy jelly polishes create a bold pop or sheer hint of color that are sure to see you through every highlight of your summer.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Black french tip with flower and studs

Hi there!

I just LOVE to do flower nail art designs. I think they are elegant, girly, beautiful, i need to continue? I think you get the point :) Flowers need to be bright, but this time i have chosen a dark background color. I think the flowers really pop . My friend Meliney send me some nice supplies to work with and to give away, how cool is that! She has her own webshop where she sells nail art supplies, stamping plates/polishes, brushes and a lot more.
She send me some detailbrushes, a wheel with different studs, a rhinestone picker pencil and some stickers.
This is the design i made with all the supplies (except for the stickers, i haven't used them)

At this moment i'm having the giveaway on my channel. I'm giving away the things i've used for my nail art design. Feel free to participate :)
Thank you and untill next time :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

French manicure with flower (Essence " A lovely secret")

Hi there!

Where is the sun? Where is the spring? Where is the summer? I want it, and i want it NOW! I'm sorry for my little rant, but i'm so fed up with the cold and everything. They even say we can expect snow this upcomming weekend :( Snow can be fun, when there is like 20 cm orso, but not that bit of wet snow, what makes a mess...

Because i needed something bright, and happy i made this flower design. Someone even told me they look a bit like hibiscus flowers.... I don't care if it's winter, christmas, easter or whatever, i always love to paint flowers on my nails!

For my french manicure i used Essence "A lovely secret'. It's a light purple polish. Although i'm not really a purple fan, i do love this one. I think i have it for ages, and never used it....*shame on me*...
I painted the flowers with acrylic paints by Jo Sonja. These paints have the perfect texture and are highly pigmented. I finished with Seche Vite topcoat. It's the best topcoat i've tried so far.
Of course i also made a tutorial on YouTube how i did this design. If you want to see it, click HERE

What do you think of this design? Do you like it?
Thanks for your interest!
Untill next time!

Take care, Camilla

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catrice "Blue Cara Ciao"


Animal print designs, in my opinion, always ROCK! You can never go wrong with animal print, leopard, zebra, tiger, it doesn't matter! I usually make tutorials on YouTube of every nail design i make, but leopard and zebra/tiger is done so often, they don't need a tutorial explaining how to do that.
With the leopard design i prefer the "original" colors, meaning with brown. This time i decided to try out a new color i recently bought from Catrice, called "Blue Cara Ciao". It's a very pretty creamy blue. I love Catrice polishes! The quality is so good and they don't cost much.
This is the design, clean and simple, hope you like it! Until next time :) Take care, Camilla

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My bakings

Hello there,

I recently discovered that besides i love doing nail art, i love baking. The fun part about baking for me is to surprise people with something beautiful you made. People seem to enjoy self made things more then just a gift from a shop. I never would have thought i could make fun cakes and cupcakes like this, but it isn't to hard.
I made a little slideshow video, just to show what i've done in the last couple of weeks. I hope you will like it :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roses and rhinestone *Catrice* "No Snow Petrol"


I know i haven't been loyal to my blog...i'm sorry! I've been so busy with my YouTube account and other social media. From now on i will try and do my weekly post here as well!
Now for my last design....i bought this polish from Catrice "No Snow Petrol" and i immediately fell in love with it!
I added some roses and rhinestones and this elegant design was done! Let me know what you think....

If you would like to see the video tutorial, just click -->here<--

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Thanks for sticking around, and i talk to you soon!