Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday i'm in love! "Airbrushed hearts without airbrushing"

Hi guys!

Another great collaboration on YouTube! The first one was "Let it snow" and now i participated in "Friday i'm in love". There are posted so many great video's, you just feel the love. It's good to come together and do what we all like!
I was thinking most of the designs will contain hearts, so i wanted to be original. I made airbrushed looking hearts. I think they turned out pretty ok. It's a simple design and doesn't take much time.
Just take a look at the video and tell me what you think ;-)
Happy friday!!



  1. Aaaw cute.. I've been planning on doing a Friday I'm inlove design as well just havent gotten around to do it :) You're so at uploading frequently! awesome dear :)

  2. @Inge
    Thanks! And you are very welcome on my blog!!

  3. @mirlidnailart
    Thanks hun! I try to upload once a week on youtube, or it will be once in the 2 weeks now that i also have my blog :-) But i never promise anything LOL