Thursday, February 23, 2012

My first franken!!

Hi there!

I made my first franken! Yay!!
I don't know why i haven't done this before, it was FUN!
I'm always complaining that i don't have any holographic polishes, now that's not something which can't be done anything about, i know that. I can order them online, but i don't like to buy stuff from the internet. I'm always afraid something will go wrong, or i won't receive it. Besides that, i always thinks it's a waste of my money to spend much for the shipping.
Anyway!!!!! A few weeks, maybe months ago my sweet friend Jae from YouTube send me some holographic glitters! OMG, they look so awesome, but i was so afraid to use them LOL. I know that sounds dumb silly! So, yesterday i had them in my hands again, and i thought, what the heck, let's give it a try. And you know what? It turned out absolutely gorgeous! Now, there wasn't any sun to pick up the gorgeous rainbows in this holo, but this is what it turned out in the bottle.

I started with filling the bottle for about 3/4 with clear polish by Sally Hansen. Then i added the holographic glitters and gave it a good shake! When you want to use it right away, don't shake the bottle, but role it in your hand. Shaking causes bubbles. I was not going to use it that day, so i shaked! After that i added a few drops of Catrice "The pinky and the brain", which is a very vibrant pink and Mavala "Wichita", which is a very soft/sheer pink. I gave it another shake and that's it!

I made another polish, as my basecolor for this holo.
I found a bottle of Orly Ridgefiller which was half full. I added some clear polish to this bottle, a few drops of Catrice "The pinky and the brain" and a few drops of Catrice "Meet me at coral island". That gave me a perfect soft pink for my basecolor.

This is what they look like together on my nails...


Inside light

The pictures are absolutely not showing the beauty of this polish. But....most of you know what a holo looks like, so you can understand i love this! I did make another one, with turkoise, woohooo.... I will show that next time!

By the way, my new polishes need a name, any idea's?

Thank you for stopping by!