Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lush Lemony Flutter

I recently read a lot of posts about Lush Lemony Flutter. The miracle for your cuticles. My cuticles aren't that bad at all, but i like to pamper them anyway. I also read it's good to use for dry spots, like your elbows or feet. So i decided i was going to order it online. Darn....sold out! Which i could have think of, because many people use it this time of year. Then, let check out where they have any stores. Oh my gosh, only 8 stores in my country....what the....i can't believe it, one is in my town! Wooohoooo! My neighbour girl was going there that afternoon, what a coincidence! So, now i'm the proud owner of a can of Lemony Flutter. Of course i couldn't wait to use it. It's awesome, really! The smell....hmmm....i don't know. At first you smell a great lemon sence, but it ends with a sort of creamy sence...i don't know how to explain. It's not a real bad smell, but also not one of my favorite... It leaves a thin layer of oil. You have to like that and i DO! For those who don't i recommend using it before going to bed at night. It's an all natural product. I took some pictures, also of the ingredients so you can see what they used to create this product.

As soon as it reached my hands i openend it and tried something.

In this last picture you can see which ingredients they have used and who made it LOL I thought that was so funny. Imagine your "cartoon" sticker on this can, hehehe.

I will keep you all updated about this. I received this yesterday, so when i'm using this for a week i will tell you if anythings changed my cuticles. I may use my hubby as a experimental subject, because he does have very dry cuticles. I will make a before and after picture (if i can convince him to co-operate LOL)

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


  1. its like a cream or something? :D i bet it smells yummy :))) lol ,hugs butterfly

  2. Hi sweety!
    Yes, it's like a cream, and it's delicious, i almost want to eat it! Hahaha! I'm so glad i finally have this =D xoxo

  3. Do you still like the Lemony Flutter? It's dangerous for me to visit a Lush store...too many tempting things to buy! lol! But I am curious as to how well it is working...maybe I'll have to look into getting some. (I love the Karma products at Lush!!!) Too bad they don't make Karma cuticle cream.

  4. @colorsplashnails
    Hi, thanks for joining me here! Yes, i still love it! It's really becomming an addiction, and i have to be careful not the use it every hour! LOL I would defenately recomment buying it ;-)

  5. Ha ha! Sounds like I need to look into getting some for me! Thanks for the recommendation. =)