Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roses and rhinestone *Catrice* "No Snow Petrol"


I know i haven't been loyal to my blog...i'm sorry! I've been so busy with my YouTube account and other social media. From now on i will try and do my weekly post here as well!
Now for my last design....i bought this polish from Catrice "No Snow Petrol" and i immediately fell in love with it!
I added some roses and rhinestones and this elegant design was done! Let me know what you think....

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Thanks for sticking around, and i talk to you soon!



  1. Very Pretty. Looks so feminine I want it!
    P.S: Did you know that your blog makes people type the captcha words every time they comment? Lol.. I hate those captchas and I have hard time figuring out the words, so if you can please take it off, it'll make commenting easier. I wanted to go on a commenting spree on your blog but the captchas are putting a dent in my commenting fun. Hahaha...
    If you check under "comment settings" on your blogger dashboard, you'll see how to take it off. Except if you don't want it off, then I understand :-)

    1. Hey girl,
      Thank you so much!
      Also thanks for pointing that out about the captchas. I changed it, and if everything went well you shouldn´t have any problems commenting anymore. Let me know if it still ask you to copy a word, then i will check again, but i did change it!
      Thanks for supporting me!
      Take care, Camilla

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