Thursday, March 14, 2013

Black french tip with flower and studs

Hi there!

I just LOVE to do flower nail art designs. I think they are elegant, girly, beautiful, i need to continue? I think you get the point :) Flowers need to be bright, but this time i have chosen a dark background color. I think the flowers really pop . My friend Meliney send me some nice supplies to work with and to give away, how cool is that! She has her own webshop where she sells nail art supplies, stamping plates/polishes, brushes and a lot more.
She send me some detailbrushes, a wheel with different studs, a rhinestone picker pencil and some stickers.
This is the design i made with all the supplies (except for the stickers, i haven't used them)

At this moment i'm having the giveaway on my channel. I'm giving away the things i've used for my nail art design. Feel free to participate :)
Thank you and untill next time :)


  1. Love the flowers - they're gorgeous!! And the studs bring a nice touch :)

  2. so beautiful! I love them.

  3. J'adoreeeeeeee, c'est trop beaux !!!!!

  4. I Love your articles guys keep it up.
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  5. I just did these nails for my mom to go to a wedding tomorrow. They look fabulous and really bring black french tips to life.