Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review Fashion accesoires by

Hi there!

Today i'm here with something different. This post is not nail related, but actually more fashion related. Fun too, right?
I was contacted by the website if i wanted to review some items for them. Now i have done reviews, but only nail related. When i checked out their website, it took me some day's to think if i wanted this...and would my viewers, followers be also interested in looking at this? I thought yes! is a website with replica's from many familiair big (expensive) brands. Who doesn't want a Louis Vutton purse, or Gucci sunglasses? I can hear you think, "of course i want it, but i can't afford it!" I totally agree! I can't afford it either. Maybe this website is the perfect solution. Replica's!!
They send me some items, and i must say, i'm very impressed by the quality. I couldn't find any mistakes on the items i got. They just look awesome. The prices are in my opinon fair too.
These are the items they send me.

A "Michael Kors" purse and wallet and "Gucci "sunglasses! I love them all!

To take a better look at them, and get more info you can see the video i did about these items.
You can find the items on these websites:

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  1. Hi Camilla
    thanks for sharing this blog post.its something different but I think a variety is good sometimes :)
    I love the sunglasses they are fab.
    I have just started my own beauty blog and you have inspired me to do more posts.if you could follow me that would be great! thank you xx