Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zipper nails

Hi there!

I'm sorry i haven't post anything in a while. I think i have something awesome to show you. I received some very, very, very cool waterdecals. They were send to me by:
They sell awesome nailart supplies and fantastic waterdecals! Feel free to check them out. The waterdecals are all sorted out by category so it's easy to find what you are looking for!
This is what they look like....

I used Essence "Underwater" for the basecolor. They look pretty awesome don't you think?
To see how to apply those waterdecals en some do's and don'ts, click here to see my video.
The link directly to the N.NAIL Zipper Water Decals Nail Art Metallic Gold- WDHHC086 is:

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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  1. I absolutely loved this mani... unfortunately I don't find these waterdecals here in Belgium, only stickers!
    I saw your blog at Bregje's blog Ooh, Shinies! on the post Link Love.
    You're very talented, your manis are awesome, and you also seem to be a new blogger just like me.
    If you're interested, take a look at my little corner, I'd be honored to have your visit over there. I'm following yours!

    Best regards,
    *Esmaltólatras de Carteirinha*