Saturday, June 9, 2012

European championship nails!

It's time!
The European football championship started last night! I'm so excited! I normally don't really follow football matches (althought i've played football a few years myself) But when it comes to the european or world championship i can't hold myself and i want to see every match which will be played!
The Netherlands start against Denmark, then Germany and Portugal. They seem to be favorite this year. I don't know if that's good though, maybe it can cause much pressure to the guys..
But, we'll see, i'm already getting nerveus for tonight LOL
To support my country i've made these nails...

These are really easy to do. I've started with a basecoat (of course). Then i've added 2 coats of Rimmels french manicure pink. With a striper brush and acrylic paint i started painting the lines with the colors of our flag. Red, white and blue. When this is dry use a silver (or gold would fit as well) glitter polish in between the lines.
For the football i actually wanted to make my own waterdecals. But when i wanted to print the image, my printer broke down and wasn't working anymore. Bummer. So, i decided to paint them myself.
I hope you like this simple but fun supporters design :)
I will be watching tonight, what about you??

Take care,

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