Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi Lovely's!

So i had an epic fail with my laptop and camera!
I, of course, filmed the whole process of creating my sunbeam nails. I wanted to place it on my laptop, but he didn't recognise the disc. Checking on my camera again.....i'm missing a whole part of the film! Grrrrrr! I can get soooo angry when that happens!!
Anyway, i still wanted to share this with you guys, so i made a picture slideshow. (you can watch the tutorial here) Before i'll let you know how i did it, let me show you the result :)

If you want to see how i did this, read more after the jump...

Let's start with sponging an orange polish along the cuticle and a yellow polish on the tip of your nail and add a topcoat for smoothing the surface(for some effect you can add a gold polish in between)

Then you can start applying striping tape. It doesn't matter which color you take, as long as it's still sticky enough....

I've started in the middle, and then i placed 2 parts on the right and 2 on the left...(make sure you press it down firmly)

Then i've applied a thick layer of black polish.

I leave that for 10/15 seconds and then gently pull the striping tape off. Apply a topcoat and it's done :)

Pretty simple eh? It does take some time, but i think it's worth it :)

This is not a technic i found out myself. I've seen this before, so i'm not taking any credit for it (although the idea of the sunray's was mine )

Thank you for stopping by and untill next time!



  1. As I said- I love the effect! Perfect job, hun! :)

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