Friday, April 6, 2012

Essie "Marabou"

Hello you all!

Since i started to read a few blogs with swatches i came across some bloggers who showed a polish of Essie. Most of them were very possitive about this brand. They find the colors opaque, smooth applying, just a "perfect" polish. Since i don't know where to buy Essie in the stores in The Netherlands i decided to ask my friend Jae from the USA to send me an Essie in our swap. I saw this beautiful color "Marabou". It's a pink polish with a subtle coral teint in it in my opinion. I'd asked her to send me that one in particulair and she did. Yay!!
Am i just as excited as the girls who's blogs i've read?

Uhhmm, no!
Let's start with the possitive thing. The color is BEAUTIFUL! I really love it!
When i started applying the first thing i saw the polish was quite thin. I prefer a bit thicker substance. The brush was pretty small which i didn't like much either. The first coat was very stricky, and the second was too. Eventually i needed 3 coats and some of my nails still weren't opaque. Well, just take a look at the pictures...

You can see my pointer finger has some "clear" spots after 3 coats.
Again....the color i like very much ♥

I thought this is the perfect color to make an elegant spring design with.
What do you think of this design?

Thank you for your time!
Don't forget to check out the tutorial here!

Untill soon!! xoxo


  1. I dont know if this would help or not with the streaking but I would try and apply a white coat before you apply the color, after that dries then apply the color and see if that makes a difference.

    1. Hiya!
      Thanks, i will defenately try that one time.
      I don't think it will make a difference, because i just think it's the substance.But who knows ;-)

  2. I love that pink, too! Yes, Essie`s brushes are verry thin and match perfect for smaller nails. A have a few polishes of that brand as well, but the colours I have are thick enough to cover even in one coat. This one is for french mani, I suppose, and that`s why it isn`t so opaque. I love your nails! And I really like the spring decoration you did :)