Saturday, March 3, 2012

Essence "A walk in the park" and "Stop for an icecream"

Hi there!

Since a few weeks Essence have some new polishes in their assortment. The 3 -way polish! A few months ago they had a limited edition on the 3- way polishes and they were great. I got 2 at that moment. I recently bought another one. It seemed like one of the polishes were flakies. Now i know they aren't, LOL. But hey, i still like it. The green color is gorgeous without adding the sparkles (i think it looks even better without the sparkles) It's called A walk in the park. The glitter topcoat is called Stop for an icecream.
I applied 2 coats, which went smooth, and one coat of glitter. No base and topcoat on this one.
Well...i let you see for yourself....

I don't know about this glitter coat, what do you think?


  1. A walk in the Park is awesome! Maybe Stop for an Icecream over an black polish? :)

    1. Yes, i was thinking the same thing!
      Maybe over a black or dark blue it looks way better, in this combo i didn't like it though ;-)